Photos by ©Audrey Kelly

Alyssa Nedrow possesses a B.S. in Visual Communication, Photojournalism with a History Minor. Nedrow is an experienced visual storyteller inspired by the human condition. Expertise in all stages of documentary storytelling, creative and production processes, and content development.  She is passionate about advocating for human and environmental rights, sustainability, quality storytelling, authentic travel and is always eager to continue learning. 

Nedrow has studied a variety of communicative platforms, theories of social change, campaign communication strategies, and has strong abilities in visual and critical analysis. These skills have made her capable of balancing multiple projects with a high attention to detail, all while: working empathetically and asking the hard questions; going to a deeper level with interviewees; building strong relationships and working well under pressure, to produce ethical, high-quality work within strict deadlines. 

Nedrow recently graduated from the University of Westminster with a First Class M.A. in Media, Campaigning and Social Change with Honour. Her final thesis focused on researching the ways humanitarian organisations represent refugees through various media campaigns and visual communications. She looked at models of storytelling used in campaign communications. In particular, she explored how participatory media projects can be used by humanitarian organisations, so refugees have the power for self-representation and to be the voice of their own stories. 

She resides in Birmingham, United Kingdom as she finishes her degree. Currently seeking a career in content development or communications within the not-for-profit sector and is available for assignment. 

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