Photographs of 6,000 Miles // part i

This summer has been another season of big moves and making memories. After having lived in Seattle for the last two years it has come time for me to move once again, this time across the Atlantic Ocean to the United Kingdom. This fall I will be starting my Masters of Arts in Media, Campaigning and Social Change at the University of Westminster. Before diving into an intense year of studying I had the opportunity to drive across the United States of America with my favorite person and witness the beauty this country still holds. 

During this epic road trip we drove from Washington State down the Pacific Coast to Los Angeles, through the Mojave desert to the Grand Canyon, then up to Yellowstone National Park and back across the open spaces of the midwest to Ohio. In three weeks we drove an approximate 6,000 miles through fifteen states, visited seven cities and eight national parks. I was amazed by the ever changing geology, textures and range of colors that were both human made and found in nature. Often times I found myself in moments of awe while visiting places that felt not of this world. It's no wonder why artists have often been inspired by the landscapes of the west and why it's important to take care of and conserve these national lands. 

This road trip was the perfect way to say goodbye to the United States before I begin my MA in London. Below are photos from Mount Rainier National Park, WA to Grand Canyon National Park, AZ including; Highway 101, Redwood National Park, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Venice Beach, and the Mojave Desert. To enlarge a specific photo simply click on the image and from there you can continue to scroll through the entire gallery.